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We partner with our clients to develop tailored, expert solutions to their people and culture challenges. We are passionate about supporting our clients to access the best evidence-based solutions in ways that are accessible, commercial and offer high levels of practical utility.


We help you to make effective and robust selection decisions by integrating psychometric assessment methods into your existing hiring approach. We then support you to use this assessment data to onboard new team members and set them up to succeed. Hiring in this way will help you better understand potential, competency strengths and development areas, and the degree of fit with your particular context. A professional, seamless and succinct experience for you and your candidates is our priority.


We work with leaders to build leadership capability, deeper personal insight and self-awareness and to elevate their perspective to the right level for their role. Leaders often demonstrate great ability and promise in some aspects of their role and need support to develop in others. We can accelerate the process of achieving their potential and growth with strategic coaching support one-on-one or in groups.

Positive behaviour change starts with identifying a person’s strengths, talents, areas of fulfillment, as well as areas for development that are really causing them (or others) some grief or holding things back. We support our clients to design and implement solutions to these challenges that can be tested and honed over time to ultimately reach the desired outcome.

  • Individual coaching

    1:1 programs for leaders and executives

  • Leadership development programs

    Workshop formats for groups and teams


We work with teams to enhance group performance, cohesion and effectiveness. When successful outcomes rely on people collaborating effectively, the team dynamic is critical. We can do more working together than alone. We begin by understanding the state of the current culture, which direction you’d like this to head in, and then focus on what we can do as a group to make positive progress in that direction. Your particular context is key when crafting a team session or program of work that will provide the most value and impact.


We support leaders to prioritise and bolster personal wellbeing so that they are able to both sustain their own performance when things get tough, and that they are equipped to build and lead resilient teams. Our work with leaders and teams often incorporates aspects of wellbeing and positive mental health, however it often warrants a more intentional focus. We are accredited in the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, and often use this as a starting point for leaders towards a rich conversation that taps into many areas of work and life, personal and professional.


We support executive teams and Boards to develop good strategies that identify their real challenges, and then design a way forward to deal with these challenges in order to improve the organisation's chances of realising its purpose and vision. We craft facilitated sessions to provide the space, platform, and a methodology for leaders to think critically, deeply, and to channel this in an effective and coherent way.

“There is nothing quite so useless, as doing with great efficiency, something that should not be done at all”

Peter Drucker


We design tailored career transition programs to support exiting team members to navigate the early stages of the situation, maintain personal resilience, and to prepare clear and effective tactical plans to take their next career step in a positive way. We can also provide advice and support around your timing, approach and sequence of the communications and conversations throughout this process.


Some kind words from people we have worked with

“I have worked directly and indirectly with Andrew for over three years and can highly recommend him for individual and team based professional development. Andrew and I worked together on my professional development for two years. After this successful program, I recommended Andrew to work 1:1 on the professional development of a number of the Executive team at Swisse / H&H which he has now done for the past twelve months.

Andrew is a great executive coach and has added significant value to our organisation. Andrew has a calm, professional, tailored and considered style and approach. His work with executive team members has demonstrated a tangible uplift in their leadership capability and our team culture.”


Nick Mann
Regional CEO at H&H Group / Swisse

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andrew as a client for a number of years. He's facilitated a number of workshops for us, and worked one on one with individuals within the group. This work has never been straightforward, with a lot of complexity and sensitivities to be considered and worked around. Throughout this Andrew has been patient and gone above and beyond to ensure we achieved the desired outcomes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew.”


Nardia Vescovi-Diss
Chief People Officer at Titan FX

“I highly recommend Andrew. His Executive coaching skills are second to none, and the facilitation of our recent strategic planning day was fantastic. Thanks Andrew for your values, who you are, and your contribution not only to our organisation but the HR profession as a whole.”


Jayne Gillespie
Executive Manager - People, Culture and Safety at Focus Individualised Support Services

“I have worked with Andrew for ~2 years surrounding leadership development. Through the coaching and mentoring provided, the way I approach managing and being a leader is very different, probably wouldn’t recognise the old self. Highly recommend Andrew to anyone!”


Rob Barker
Supply Chain Manager at Briggs & Stratton



Andrew Stone


BA, PGDipPsych

Andrew is a senior organisational development professional with over 20 years’ experience across private, not-for-profit and public sectors. Andrew brings a practical, straightforward and personal approach to helping his clients through executive coaching for senior business leaders, facilitating team workshops, conducting psychometric assessments for senior executive appointments and facilitating strategic off-sites for executive teams and Boards.

Originally trained as a psychologist, Andrew is passionate about driving positive behaviour change and development that truly lasts over time. Andrew’s approach and style is based on a blend of evidence-based foundations in psychology combined with practical business and commercial experience, personal engagement, and commitment to make a real difference.


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